Support the Design department

Leveraging a product search engine based on a database of specific solutions and a workforce with extensive manufacturing expertise.
Manufacturersf design personnel have these concerns when designing products:
  • Which material is best suited to the productfs characteristics?
  • Can the productfs weight be reduced a little more?
  • How can the product be made stronger?
We have a product search engine based on a database of more than 25,000 delivered products that incorporates information ranging from processing performed and lot data to applications.
New products manufactured nationwide are added to this system on a daily basis.

yProduct search enginez
In addition, our Group has its own manufacturing department with air stamping, roll forging, and machinery processing capabilities, enabling us to adopt a proprietary approach to manufacturing.

yOperations at Inoue Machineryz
Armed with employees who have extensive knowledge of machinery, materials, and manufacturing as well as systems for carrying out processing simulations, selecting processing conditions, and storing processing history data, our design department personnel are able to contribute to customersf manufacturing operations by proposing specific solutions to a variety of difficult specifications that arise on a daily basis.