We strive to create utility value and to earn trust in three key areas.
The four companies of The Inoue Special Steel Group have put in place a series of structures that enable them to provide value based on clear and unique areas of expertise in their respective business domains in keeping with the Groupfs philosophy ofgProviding enduring utility value in the manufacturing field.h

Inoue Special Steel Co., Ltd., offers a new approach to consulting sales by supporting the manufacturing industry through information and expertise.
Yamazaki Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd., was established to manufacture the ultimate air stamp hammer for die forging.
Fuji Forging Co., Ltd., supplies ring processed products.
Inoue Machinery Co., Ltd., creates synergies with group companies in the area of machine work.

Going forward, our group will continue to offer support for Japanese manufacturing through the creation of new value as we listen closely to customer feedback, improve our manufacturing technologies, and actively consolidate and utilize information and expertise.

All of our employees are committed to working together to continue to earn the trust in three key areas-trust in the products we deliver, trust in the individual employees who serve our customers, and trust in the company as an organization that develops new mechanisms and technologies.
I look forward to your continued business as we strive to fulfill this mission.
Hisakazu Inoue, President and CEO